About us

Transport Technology Forum exists to give leadership, direction and support and to stimulate investment in innovation and technology solutions.

The Forum provides a dynamic space where road operators and their suppliers can exchange information and agree to work more collaboratively in order to achieve a more cohesive approach.

The Forum encourages the adoption of new ways of thinking and innovative technical solutions for the improvement of traffic flow through better network operation and management. This in turn will deliver significant economic, social and business benefit to the UK.

The Forum also aims to ensure that its stakeholders gain and maintain a fair share of voice with policy-makers.

The Forum’s remit includes, but is not limited to:

  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), including Connected ITS (C-ITS);
  • Automotive;
  • Smart Mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS);
  • Smart Cities and communities;
  • Logistics;
  • and ICT and related developments including Cloud computing and Big Data.

The Forum has no statutory remit and its impact and influence are entirely dependent on the momentum it generates, the soundness of its judgments and the quality of work it produces.

The Transport Technology Forum receives funding from the Department for Transport and InnovateUK to help achieve change and technological innovation with collaborating organisations.

Our Mission

“To bring together the prospective purchasers and operators of transport technology”

The purpose of the forum is;

To bring together

  • national and local authorities, who are responsible for road network management
  • their consultants, who act as service providers and advisors
  • the designers and suppliers of traffic technology (large, small and start-up)
  • universities running relevant practical and academic courses and
  • the public policy makers and research funding providers

In order to

  • foster an informed dialogue between the prospective purchasers and operators of transport technology with the designers and suppliers
  • be a unified voice for the ITS sector
  • think strategically about the development of the sector and its future direction

And to do this by

  • providing a robust view of the value for money solutions available and in development
  • sharing experience from pilot and pathfinder deployment of technologies
  • identifying areas / issues for future research funding
  • identifying issues requiring national government guidance and / or regulation.
  • promoting successful strategies and approaches.
  • ensuring members are aware of the national policy context (i.e. On CO2, Air Quality, Industrial Strategy, Future of Mobility).

How We Work

The Forum works with a wide range of partners on a pro bono basis, each bringing their own particular area of expertise to the table.

Most of the Forum’s outputs and activities are delivered through working groups. These groups bring together experts from the private sector, public bodies, academia, trade associations and other key stakeholders.

Priorities are agreed by the working groups and formalised into discrete projects. The outputs from each project are published and widely disseminated.

Regular meetings provide the necessary momentum, reviewing outputs and ensuring that they deliver real value to stakeholders

The Forum also facilitates regular Local Authority User Group meetings and seminars to encourage a free-flow of information and ideas, encouraging a more collaborative way of working among road operators.

Our Partners

The Transport Technology Forum is funded by the Department for Transport and Innovate UK.

The TTF was operated on behalf of the funders until 2021 by Arup, and much of the material we have available was produced by them. The TTF is now managed by LCRIG, the Local Councils Roads Innovation Group.

The TTF works with a range of other organisations in the road technology sector to ensure we deliver the support and guidance needed by practitioners and are able to reach the maximum number of people interested in the subject. Bodies we work with include the Crown Commercial Service, ITS United Kingdom, ERTICO, (ITS Europe) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).