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12 October 2022


Organised by TTF’s SPATULA Working Group, we have arranged a “show and tell” of ten different connected vehicle services that are on the market or near to it, that help road operators:

  • to warn of and manage temporary signals better and reduce congestion and emissions
  • to warn of roadworks that really are on site, not simply planned in a diary
  • to inform users on narrow country lanes of a road user “coming the other way”
  • so a vehicle fitted with blue lights can warn other drivers
  • so a cyclist can inform other road users of its location
  • so drivers can get in vehicle warnings of dynamically changing speed limits
  • to get data from individual vehicles of all types and ages are on the road , not simply congestion

How data from a vehicle in a collision can be used for road management.

This is an opportunity to see the what in-vehicle services could look like in coming years and will showcase their potential rather than technical details. It is aimed to stimulate debate and raise awareness among road operators and suppliers about what the future (may) look like.

We will be using the UTAC Proving Ground to create a variety of simulated scenarios, accompanied by discussion about how to roll out these ideas. We are working with a range of technology providers including KL Systems, SRLHRSStandby RSGVodafoneEloy and UTAC to deliver what will be a highly informative and rewarding day.

We are very keen to gain as many road operators to visit this prestigious test venue (just off the A507) as possible. We have aligned it with the ITS UK President’s dinner the next day in nearby MK and can assist with hotels and transport  if needed.

Please let us know if you can attend – drop me or Gill Butcher an email, or use the link in the TTF article to register. Please also pass this message on to anyone else you think might be interested!