Events | News | TTF Events | 3 February 2022
Sign up for our next Fireside Chat on 16 February at 4pm

Following the release of a full report by our colleagues at the RAC Foundation detailing the successful demonstration of connected vehicle technology in cars built at the beginning of the 20th Century, please join us for our next Fireside Chat on Wednesday 16 February at 4pm, where host Steve Gooding will chat with a panel of experts to discuss In-Vehicle Signage.

They’ll talk about
– How in vehicle signs can be used by any type of vehicle
– Lessons learned from a project making fixed and variable signing align with in-vehicle messages
– How to make a customer journey seamless with integration of sat nav
– Fixing sat nav routes to a chosen road

The panel consists of leading connected vehicles expert Andy Graham of White Willow Consulting along with Eloy co-founders Damian Horton and Anna Corp and George Brown of KL Systems.

To sign up please click here.

You can watch a report about the connected veteran cars here.

Please also save the date for the March Fireside Chat, also on Wednesday 16th at 4pm where we will be talking about data guidance and April’s on Wednesday 13th at 4pm which focusses on our Manual for Smart Streets we are creating with the Connected Places Catapult.