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We are a leader in the move to a safer, more inclusive and productive mobile future. We are shaping the roadmap and ecosystem for connected and automated mobility, to establish the UK as a world leader.





Why visit our stand:

Since 2007 Gaist have partnered globally across central and local governments and the geospatial industry on a mission to change how we understand and interpret the roadscape. Offering transformational roadscape intelligence and insights tailored to client needs, Gaist are at the forefront of providing value-oriented solutions to organisations across 4 continents.

Selected as part of the ITS UK Pavilion, showcasing the best in British transport technology innovation, Gaist are industry leaders in the intelligent transport revolution. With an established track record of transforming UK local authority highways provision and multiple national asset surveys commissioned by the Department for Transport (DfT), they are rapidly expanding their international business and poised to be a key player in transport solutions for years to come.

Gaist will be showcasing their latest international partnerships at the event, combining leading-edge connected vehicle data with their own data solutions to provide end users with data insights never seen before.


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