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Ito World delivers solutions that make public transit more efficient. We help cities and authorities make better data-driven decisions to improve network performance and increase ridership. Headquartered in Cambridge UK, we serve clients from all over the world, such as the UK Department for Transport, Google, Apple, Florida Department of Transportation
District Five, and Transport for West Midlands.

Our mission is to reduce pollution and congestion by encouraging the use of shared transit services.



ito on ITS Uk Pavillion


Why visit our stand:

If you are a Transit Authority, Agency or Department of Transport who are wrestling with one or more of the following challenges, we would love to share our experience in helping our  customers solve these issues in the US, Europe and across the globe:

  • Ingesting and enhancing the quality of transit data that is often from multiple agencies and/or systems to create a single consistent source of truth
  • Informing passengers with accurate and timely transit information that is consistent across all relevant channels including journey planners, social media and digital signage
  • Building passenger confidence through accurate arrival time predictions and contextually accurate disruption messaging for planned and unplanned disruptions
  • Diagnosing and improving your network performance via live and historic on time performance tools, providing a firm and consistent basis for dialogue between transit agency and authority/DOT
  • Come visit us for a demonstration of our Ito Transit Hub products, and to find out how we can help you improve your network performance and increase ridership.


Come and listen to us here:

Wednesday, Sep 21st at 10amSIS67: Leveraging Open Data to Create Impactful Policies for Sustainable Mobility

Wednesday, Sep 21st at 10amTS10: Using Data to Improve Transportation

Thursday, Sep 22nd at 1pmSIS96: Data Eco-system to Power Public Transit User, Operator, and Planner Decision-making: Roles, Responsibility, and Results

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