ABOUT US is on a mission to transform road operations and equip road agencies for a connected, digital future.

Our road management platform enables road agencies, utility companies, and all organisations whose operations impact traffic with the tools to plan, coordinate and communicate road events seamlessly. reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions, improves journeys, enhances safety around work zones, breaks down siloes within and between agencies and transforms operational efficiency for work zone, right of way and traffic operations teams.

Our advanced traffic management and connected work zone solutions are used by 98% of highway authorities in the UK. In the US, we work with some of the most innovative road agencies, enabling them to better manage their road networks and save lives at work zones. Today, we empower over 350 organisations and over 20,000 operational users to improve outcomes at all levels of society.



one network at ITS UK Pavillion


Why visit our stand: Transform work zone safety with the shared road management platform that connects agencies, contractors and utilities with the public.

Save lives and reduce work zone crashes with Live Link

Our Live Link solution, allows agencies to easily communicate road and lane closures right from the work zone, pushing that crucial information directly to our data partners, including  Google Maps, Waze and TomTom, and out to drivers.

Automatically communicate network changes to the public

With, traffic management and work zone teams can plan lane or road closures ahead of time, with simple and easy-to-use applications. Plus, they can respond quickly to  emergencies, always keeping the public up-to-date with changes to the road network.

Influence drivers through our navigation app and connected vehicle partners is proud to have built strong partnerships with the world’s leading GPS providers. Our platform is market-proven by over 200 road agencies across the UK, enabling  partners like Google Maps, GM, Ford, Waze and TomTom to trust and further invest in their integrations with in the United States.


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