Westcotec thrive on innovation, relishing the challenge of bringing new approaches to old problems. Alongside traditional speed limit warning signs the company produces very specialist devices including Road Flood Warning, Bridge Height Warning, Pollution Diversion and Collision Avoidance Systems

Westcotec’s single site for Manufacture, Technical Support, Research, Development, Sales and Marketing provides an ability to react swiftly to customer’s requirements particularly in the more specialist areas. This flexibility has led to custom not only in the UK but also across Northern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Since 2018, Westcotec have been a fully-fledged employee owned company, being prominent members of both the Employee Ownership Association and Made in Britain.

Westcotec has pioneered alternative energy with wind and solar options, available throughout most of its product range. Westcotec are determined to reduce their carbon footprint so for every sign sold a tree is planted in the company owned woodland. To date this numbers in excess of 12,000 trees.


westcotec at ITS UK Pavillion


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