Stage 10

Description of lifecycle stage

This stage implements the system to satisfy the specification (stage 5) and involves the engagement of procured products and services, as set out in the preceding steps as relevant to fulfil the contract and strategy defined in stage 9.  The success of implementation is dependent on the effective completion of the plans made in previous stages, specifically from stage 5 and stage 9. This stage may incorporate processes and milestones including deployment, integration, and go-live. Careful change management into daily work processes is required to ensure smooth roll-out. This includes communication on implementation schedule (installation and migration of hardware/software), as well as user and operator training.


Considerations for Stage 10

Complex and large-scale projects would benefit from creation of Implementation Strategy and Scenario Analysis to help describe the overall scope and approach to implementation (including, assumptions and risks, as well as mitigation for each scenario. During this stage, Authorities should consider:

  • Reviewing the assets that are being deployed and ensure any preliminary checks that might be needed to ensure the assets can be safely used
  • Reviewing all the implementation and delivery milestones with associated timescales