Stage 8
Tender evaluation

Description of lifecycle stage

If procurement is not required for the fulfilment of the objectives, as set out in stage 2, then steps 6, 7, 8 and 9 will not be a part of your project lifecycle.

Once the tenders are submitted, bids must be evaluated and validated to select the preferred supplier. A structured, disciplined and transparent approach is required, with collaboration between the procurement and technical teams. Most evaluations explore price comparisons alongside technical capability, capacity, quality of service and financial health.


Considerations for Stage 8

An assessment approach should identify the tender that best meets the Authority’s needs and offers the best value for money over the life of the project. Authorities should consider the following in their assessment process:

  • Tender assessment criteria should be objective, and a scoring approach agreed including agreement on the price / quality ratio to be used in the final assessment
  • A tender assessment team should be in place with a clear briefing on how to carry out the evaluation and the processes to follow