The Manual for Smart Streets

The Manual for Smart Streets aims to help stakeholders capitalise on the effective use of data and emerging technology for Streets and Highways.

The current version of this manual was developed by Connected Places Catapult as a 12 month project commissioned and supported by the Department for Transport.

The Transport Technology Forum (TTF) played a key role in supporting the development of this manual and providing the website platform it is published on. The Manual for Smart streets is published online as working content that continues to evolve with emerging practice and technology. It is intended to continue engagement with the TTF and wider practitioner community to further develop the content of this manual and best practices for smart streets.

The Manual for Smart Streets project, and by extension this manual, is intended to be a thought-piece providing ideas, knowledge, and suggestive guidance. The manual does not intend to be exhaustive, present authoritative recommendations, or final solutions. Where assumptions have been made, for the purpose of project delivery, these have been set without prejudice to alternatives.

This manual does not necessarily represent the views of the Department for Transport or any UK government body.



The Manual for Smart Streets is a living document that will continue to develop through engagement. Please do contact us using the link below if you have any questions, feedback, or content to contribute.

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