The UK Government’s National Data Strategy and the UK Innovation Strategy identify a pressing need to make better use of data and adopt new products and technologies, to drive efficiency and improvements to public services.

In response to this, the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) has created the Manual for Smart Streets as a resource to help Local Authorities address these needs. With the aim of providing know-how and creating opportunities to identify, develop and implement ‘smart’ technology solutions that support the safe and effective operation, management, and maintenance of the road infrastructure and related services. Additionally, this approach supports industry by highlighting opportunities where products and services can address specific areas of need and promoting practices that support a sustainable, healthy and competitive marketplace.

Smart Streets cover a wide, complex and constantly developing landscape. Accordingly, this document aims to provide a helpful resource and examples from different viewpoints, rather than being prescriptive. In publishing this manual online, it becomes a living document that will evolve over time, keeping abreast of developments in technology and practices. The manual will support the TTF in catalysing further discussion, consensus building, and development within the wider community.



The Manual for Smart Streets is a living document that will continue to develop through engagement. Please do contact us using the link below if you have any questions, feedback, or content to contribute.

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