News | 1 July 2021
New Report Looks at Innovate UK Technology Demonstrators


The Transport Technology Forum and Innovate UK produce a report looking into technology Demonstrators in the United Kingdom

TTF and Innovate UK Technology Demonstrator Report (PDF)

Over the last 3 years, the DfT and Innovate UK have funded numerous connected transport demonstrators across England that have showcased a range of possible interventions including congestion, safety, and air quality improvements to their respective local networks. However, as the mobility landscape is significantly shifting, particularly in response to Covid-19 and the increasing emergence of technological opportunities, it is important that the transport sector and funding bodies are updated on emerging Local Authority drivers and visions around mobility.

This research project, comprising of Innovate Technology Demonstrators and Local Authority and SME Working Relationships, has surveyed over 100 organisations, including SMEs, Local Authorities, and ecosystem stakeholders across the country to understand opportunities for future demonstrators as well as how Local Authorities and SMEs can
work together on service delivery. The project focused on the opportunities and drivers for future Technology Demonstrators with respect to Local Authorities, combining the survey results from 30 Local Authority respondents with desk studies looking at recent roadmaps for local mobility and preliminary findings on the impact of Covid-19. Interviews were conducted with many of the respondents to gain a deeper and more nuanced insight into their challenges, opportunities, and experiences.

This study has created a framework to assess the potential opportunity areas for technology demonstrators and to conduct a high-level review of the previous areas of focus for Innovation UK funding. The framework was informed by a desk study review into current roadmaps, and governmental or sector level approaches to innovation within urban transport and wider mobility.