News | TTF News | 22 February 2023
Traffic managers – the DfT needs your help!

We all know that the revolution in traffic modelling/digital twins, the network-wide availability of real-time data and the opportunities that AI and connected data/infrastructure provide are changing the way the traffic management system operate.

The DfT wants your help to gather intelligence on the digital tools local authorities and the ITS industry are providing to plan and deliver road network management.  The DfT has commissioned research to showcase the innovation that highway authorities are already planning or deploying to plan and deliver their traffic management systems.

Technology is essential for the effective management of road networks but the challenges of Net Zero and Vision Zero targets alongside the fast-changing nature of traffic are ever increasing.  There needs to be a step change in network management techniques and use of emerging technologies to support the changing role of road space (how to balance active travel, freight, public and private vehicle movements) and to enable the management of multi-modal traffic.

We are interested in any innovation in modelling and technology, no matter their scale, which will better enable traffic managers deliver the network management duty (Traffic Management Act, 2004) to:-

  • secure the expeditious movement of traffic on the authority’s road network; and
  • facilitate the expeditious movement of traffic on road networks for which another authority is the traffic authority.

The contract for this research, which will develop good practice guide for all traffic managers, has been awarded to consultants WSP in partnership with Mott MacDonald, Peter Davidson Consultancy Ltd and White Willow Consulting.

We would be grateful for any information, and contact details, be provided to [email protected]com

DfT are keen we gain as wide and deep a view of near market opportunities as possible and our timescales are tight, so the project will be working closely with the TTF to raise awareness of the project and seek information about the data driven measures (including modelling) now becoming available to enable traffic managers meet their network management duty. We will be engaging with the relevant TTF groups but please contact the email address above to register interest.

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