News | TTF News | 10 January 2022
Looking to the future by connecting to the past


Three veteran cars built at the turn of the 20th century have travelled from London to Brighton while using the latest in connected technology in what is believed to be the world’s first connected veteran car event.

A recently published RAC Foundation report entitled ‘Looking to the future by connecting to the past’ describes the work that went into this and the support given by the TTF to supporting the demonstration on the day of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

The 1903 Daimler, 1901 Mors and 1900 Daimler were among the 350 cars which marked the 125th anniversary of the first Emancipation Run, by travelling the 60 miles from Hyde Park in London to Brighton’s seafront on Sunday 7 November.

The vehicles were fitted with new apps that integrate several services in one place – sharing their location and status with organisers, receiving navigation specific to the official route and also in-vehicle route information such as roadworks, congestion and safety messages – thus becoming the world’s oldest connected cars

They were celebrating the passing of the 1896 Light Locomotives on Highways Act, which raised the national speed limit to 14mph and effectively allowed motor vehicles to develop as a practical means of transport.

This pathfinder was sponsored by the RAC Foundation with assistance from White Willow, KL Systems, Eloy, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the Transport Technology Forum. It was supported by Steve Gooding, Director the RAC Foundation and Chair of the TTF, Andy Graham, Chair of the TTF SPATULA Group, Paul Hutton, TTF Communications Manager and Darren Capes, TTF Manager.

Down load the Report of the day.

Read the article on the RAC Foundation website here