Projects | 23 June 2021
ITS Cyber Sign-Posting Guidance

Cyber Sign-Posting

The Transport Technology Forum working with the Department for Transport has produced Cyber Sign-Posting Guidance for ITS practitioners

As Intelligent Transport Systems become more complex and inter-linked and come to rely more on wide-scale, public and corporate networks, so the impacts of cyber security threats become more real and pressing. We are also seeing cyber threats of increased complexity and so the need to ensure ITS solutions are specified and built in a secure and robust manner grows. A huge amount of guidance is available, from a number of sources, both UK and international and it can be difficult for scheme designers and providers to fully understand what guidance is available and appropriate. The TTF, working with DfT have produced simple and easy to use signposting resource to help ITS practitioners navigate this complicated but essential area of scheme development and operation;

TTF Cyber Sign-Posting Guidance 2021 (PDF)

This resource is also available as a searchable Excel spreadsheet, which will be updated regularly as guidance develops and changes;

TTF cyber Sign-Posting Guidance Repository 2021 (XLSX)