Projects | 11 June 2021
Procuring Intelligent Transport Systems and Traffic Technologies

This report provides important guidance to local authorities seeking to purchase innovation and technology;

Procuring Intelligent Transport Systems and Technologies 2020

Now, more than ever, the development of innovative traffic technology and services is critical. Procuring innovative traffic technology enables Local Authorities to modernise their road networks faster and deliver positive outcomes such as improving road safety, reducing congestion and pollution and supporting the local economy. Local Authorities can drive change and innovation within the traffic technology industry by acting as technologically demanding customers that buy the development and testing of new products, services and solutions. This approach also creates opportunities for companies to take the lead in new markets for innovative products, creating growth and jobs.

Delivering the future of mobility

From a procurement perspective, the challenge for Local Authorities is to adapt to the changing nature of the goods and services it procures such as next generation traffic models, smart city data platforms or new sensor technologies.

The procurement of these good or services requires proactive engagement with the supply chain, the ability to develop outcome-based specifications and an equitable sharing of risk. It may also require buyers and project management professionals to utilise new routes to market such as Innovation Partnerships and purpose developed Dynamic Purchasing Systems. This guidance document provides the knowledge and insights to improve the procurement of intelligent transport systems and traffic technologies. The guidance draws on best practice developed by leading experts in procurement and supply chain management and is illustrated throughout with case studies gathered from across the TTF community.