Publications | 24 August 2021
DfT Funded Connected ITS Demonstrator Projects

Reports from the DfT funded C-ITS Demonstrator trials, 2018 to 2020

Between 2018 and 2020 the Department for Transport ran a number of competitions for local authorities to be funded to deliver trials of innovative connected ITS (C-ITS) technologies. Competitions focus on delivery of real-world demonstrators of technologies that provided services in the areas of smart parking, asset management, GLOSA and roadside systems and data. the outcomes of these projects were collected together to form the basis of the State of the Connected Nation Report previously published by the TTF;

The state of the connected nation 2020

We are now providing the report leaflets produced by each of the recipient local authorities as a reference of the work that was undertaken and the experiences and findings that came out of this work. Although in some cases this work is now three years old, it still has great relevance to the development of C-ITS services, particularly as set out in the Connected Vehicle Data Research report published by DfT in 2020;

Connected Vehicle Data Research (DfT) 2020

The C-ITS Demonstrator Reports

Blackpool Council

City of Westminster Council

City of York Council

Coventry City Council

Derbyshire County Council

Dorset Council

Hounslow London Borough Council

Luton Borough Council

University of Middlesex

Milton Keynes Council

Newcastle City Council

Oxford City Council

Peterborough City Council

Portsmouth City Council

Somerset County Council

Southampton City Council

Swindon Borough Council

Warrington Borough Council

West Midlands Combined Authority

Worcestershire County Council


The work undertaken by these projects also formed the basis of three of the TTF Technical Working Groups now in operation;


The Open Data Group

The Smart Parking Group