Resources | 8 January 2022
Local Authority Traffic Data Digest 2022

Since the imposition of travel restrictions designed to help dramatically reduce the spread of Covid-19, the Transport Technology Forum has led the collation of transport data from local authorities into information used to understand changes in travel behaviour.

Authorities from cities, towns and counties across England are sharing urban traffic control and automated traffic counter data from the roadside, as well as information on cycling and car parks. Industry has also supplied video analytics and floating vehicle data patterns. This sits alongside data the Department receives about rail and air, public transport, freight and maritime to summarise how, where and when people and goods are moving around the country.

Weekly Digests for 2022

The Transport Technology Forum is publishing this data set as a weekly digest for interested parties, not least those bodies who went above and beyond the call to share their data with us. The list below is the full archive of weekly digests going back to the start of the project.

These weekly digests have been prepared by the Transport Technology Forum as part of its remit to drive more effective and efficient management of existing and new road networks, as a key national opportunity before, during and after the current Covid-19 emergency. Road transport will remain a key pillar of how people and goods move across the nation, not just on strategic roads. Improving road travel through technology is a core aim of the Forum. The Forum promotes a collaborative culture to open up the opportunity and address the caution which has historically impeded efficiency and innovation.

These digests also provide examples of best practice shared by local authorities including highlighting an initiative to allow the public to report places where they think changes to road layout are needed to support safe, sustainable travel, changes to bike hire schemes to encourage, or react to, increased take-up, road layout improvements and the underwriting of schemes to enable quicker introduction.

Each week the Transport Technology Forum publishes a summary of data gathered from a range of local authorities across the country, providing an overview of how public behaviour is changing as a result of Coronavirus restrictions being eased.

This post lists the digests for 2022 and will be updated as new digests are produced.

Digest data for 2020 can be found here and 2021 data here.

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