Resources | 21 November 2022
TTF Autumn Meeting 2022 Presentations

Museum of science and Industry

The Transport Technology Forum’s Autumn Meeting took place on Tuesday 15th November 2022, at the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester. This meeting was a must for anyone who attended the TTF Conference as they got to hear updates from lots of the areas discussed, including the working groups.

The day consisted of a series of presentations, now available view below:

Session 1

Welcome video by Steve Gooding

John Paddington, ERTICO

John Clough, WSP

Session 2

Sarah Randall, Smarter Parking Working Group

Adam Stead, MaaS Working Group

Shamala Evans-Gadgill, EV Working Group

Steve George, UTMC Working Group

Clearview Intelligence Sponsor Presentation

Session 3

Andy Graham, SPATULA Working Group

PTV Sponsor Presentation

Louise Hewlett, Kirkless Council