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TTF Data Group: TTF Conference 2022 Takeaways and Next Steps

TTF Data Group Conference takeaways and next steps

1st meeting at Liverpool conference, Ian Knowles, Group chair and head of data at DfT

It was great to see so many of you at the TTF conference, and to have such a vibrant and engaging session, especially given the after lunch slot!

Our three presentations covered:

DFT data journey and plans – a quick recap on the data journey in DFT, our outline thinking on the data strategy, and where we think the TTF data group could play a key role
Find Transport Data – a quick show and tell of the work to develop a transport metadata catalogue – and an ask for people to get involved and help us populate the site for launch in the summer
LA data guidance – a show and tell of the work done to identify pain points and barriers to address with guidance and case studies to help LA’s to open data

We then went on to an interactive session on what TTF members would want out of a TTF data group, considering this as a fresh start following the folding of the TDI group.

The detailed findings from the session can be seen in the above pdf, but the key takeaways are below.

Key Takeaways

1. Universal agreement that attendees were keen to have a TTF data group

2. Wanted the group to definitely cover (pages 1-3 on the PDF):

  • a. Updates on govt transport data plans at high level, and some project specific
  • b. A place to share updates and learning on each others data projects/issues and hear about the latest innovation/tech in data
  • c. More than just DFT and LA reps – definitely want Tech / SME providers too
  • d. Interested in much wider than just road related data
  • e. Keen to build evidence on what works in data projects and especially how to value the impact of data projects

3. We wanted the attendees to be DFT/LA reps/Tech / SME providers to get the best value and interactions

4. On the most burning issues people wanted to see covered/tackled first we had 2 most requested (page 4/4 on the pdf):

  • a. Data Standards
  • b. Funding

5. In the follow up discussion, we also drew out:

  • a. Interest in a joined up approach to mobile telecoms data use/contracts
  • b. Identifying gaps in data provision/availability and where some areas have cracked this and/or a need for support to do so – i.e. a specific question about carbon data
  • c. How we approach getting the skills we need to do things with data better – looking at both the options for secondments with the private sector, and other options such as recommended self learning etc
  • d. How we can start to signal more clearly use cases where an authority has cracked something that others are struggling with and how we mainstream that learning
  • e. How we deal with legacy data from contracts where it can be practically hard to retrieve the data
  • f. How we can approach incentivisation of data work where they may not be lots of money to go around – and knowing more about what funding there is and how to access it

So what next?

We think that we should aim to get together every 4 or so months, and focus on 2 main topics each time with a few lightning talks from areas with something new to tell/show on transport data.  These events could be in person or virtual depending on preference or could be mixed mode – we will work this out based on peoples feedback.

We think the priorities for the first few meetings should be:

  • Session on funding – all the ways in which you can access funding to do transport data work; sharing of learning on best tips for applications; tips on leveraging support from private sector partners etc
  • Session on Transport Data Standards – plans for the new Transport Data Standards board and sub groups; developing a standards catalogue; where are the biggest needs for work on transport data standards; where do we already see good practice in approach/outcomes etc
  • A joined up approach to mobile telecoms data – how LA’s could come together to get the best value and shared methodological approach
  • Developing data skills – options and solutions
  • Reviewing how the LA data guidance is working

We will also explore a channel through which we can stay in touch and share ideas in between main events, and whether there is any call for one off webinar type sessions.

So, please please register your interest in joining this TTF data group by emailing [email protected] and tell us if you have anything you would like to present on/lead a session on from the starting topics above, and if there is anything you would like to add as an early priority topic area you think we have missed.