Introduction to Smart Streets

What is a Smart Street? How can it benefit residents, businesses and transport users?

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How to use this Manual

Everything a practitioner needs to know about using this manual throughout their decision making.

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The Delivery Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a solution from initial vision and definition, through the procurement process to operation, evaluation and decommisioning.

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Smart Streets Use Cases

Eleven use cases covering a range of smart street technologies are described.

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Case Studies

Case studies of real world applications of the technologies.

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Using Standards

A brief introduction to the use of standards and how they fit into the specification, procurement, and deployment of smart streets

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Systems Thinking Approach

An overview of: why it is important to think of smart streets as a joined up interaction of components, services, and resources; and our approach to addressing this concept.

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In the MfSS we’ve provided a set of use-cases, each providing a body-of-knowledge covering a particular application area. This is explained further in Our Approach.

The lists below show the relationship between the use cases and the objectives and impacts they help to achieve. This shows what use cases support your priorities, and provides a viewpoint on the relationships between the use cases.

The mapping is based on the achievements that the use case supports. Direct achievements are those that are addressed directly by the objectives and processes outlined in a use case, and are therefore supported strongly. Indirect achievements are those that are created consequentially to the primary focus of the use case and therefore may not be supported as strongly.



The Manual for Smart Streets is a living document that will continue to develop through engagement. Please do contact us using the link below if you have any questions, feedback, or content to contribute.

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